A luxury brand name tells about its story to the world and has the power to attract the customers. Your brand needs a name as it is the way people can recognize your product, services, and even your company and differentiate you from others.

With the changes in time, people are leaning towards the most popular and expensive brands. People prefer to buy luxury brand goods and services because they trust and appreciate the brand more than any other category, premium goods, and services.

Louis Vuitton Most Famous Luxury Brands Influencers and Brands
Louis Vuitton Most Famous Luxury Brands Influencers and Brands

Every luxury brand is gaining significant popularity and customer attention as they are at the center of what matters to modern consumers and influencers. In this article, you will discover the luxurious brands that are most talked about and gained popularity in 2020.

Here are the five most famous luxury brands in the world –

Louis Vuitton

In these modern times, Louis is one of the most expensive luxury brands, and its brand value is approximately 29 billion dollars. You can know about its popularity and how expensive it is by looking at their price tags as the minimum price tag on a handbag or footwear is nearly 12,000 dollars. The logo of LV is the most recognized one that is followed by various wealthy clients and celebrities.


In terms of the brand value, Hermes is in the 35th position, but as the most expensive luxury brand, it has occupied the second spot. It was founded by Thierry Hermes in the year 1837 and is mainly related to the retail industry. Hermes is an international name known for the classic brand and its items are preferred by royalties and distinguishing personalities.

Hermes Top Fashion Luxury Brand Influencers and Brands


Being among the best car brands, Audi is on the 39th position in terms of the brand value, but it has gained the third position in terms of the most expensive luxury brands. It deals in the automotive industry due to which it is a well-known manufacturer, distributor, marketer, producer, and designer of the extravagant vehicles.

Audi Top Luxury Brands Influencers and Brands


Dior is in the fourth position in terms of the luxury brand that was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior, and being an iconic brand, it serves the whole world with its online portals. Dior is a company that originated in French and is a premium line that has the exclusive collection for the people who admire and desire due to its huge popularity. It is a well-known brand internationally due to which it is considered a luxury brand in the world. Furthermore, it deals in retailing stores and designing skincare items, footwear, and related products.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder was founded in 1946 by Joseph Lauder and Estee Lauder, that serves the international market through retailers and e-commerce platforms involved in cosmetics. It is also known as the popular dealer and producer that deal with luxurious products related to cosmetics. You can get an estimate for its high-end price range by considering some of the products with their price tags that can provide you an idea for its quality and innovation. 

What is YOUR favorite luxury brand?

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