I recently received what may be the last New Hope Network Co-Op Influencer Blogger Box that I may get. As usual there were a number of really cool food and nutrition products included. My favorite that I’ve tried so far was a 1 pound bag of Grass Fed Iconic Protein Powder. I was really happy to get the naturally flavored Chocolate Truffle flavor.

Iconic Protein Powder is extremely tasty – I could tell it was a better type of protein just because of the taste. It did not mix as well as some of the cheaper protein powders I have consumed, but that challenge is easily met by shaking a little longer – or (as I did) using a really good blender like my Blendtec Total Blender (mine has 4,634 blends on it so far).

The nutrition in Iconic Protein Powder is great – a full 20g of protein, ZERO sugar and only 90 calories per serving. I’ve been drinking it in almond milk, so I need to allow for another 30 calories or so, but that is still very low – and excellent for clean eaters like myself.

I didn’t know what the Iconic Protein Powder cost, so I looked it up on Amazon. It’s $25.99 for the 1lb bag, with free delivery for Prime members. The one pound bag of Iconic Protein Power is meant to be 17 servings, so it’s just over $1.52 per serving. While it is more expensive that the cheaper proteins I’ve been taking, I think it is worth the price difference and will be doing a little life hacking with this in the near future. Perhaps Iconic Grass Fed Protein Powder will help get me back to my target body fat of <10%????

On another note – besides Iconic Protein Powder being available in several great flavors, Iconic Protein is also offered in pre-mixed and pre-packaged single serving protein shakes.

Order yourself some Grass Fed and super healthy Iconic Protein Powder and Shakes today!

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